can hydrocephalus cause bed wetting?

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Answered: Unfortunately, there is no cure for bed-wetting ...

Great question! Have you seen these bedwetting pants ?

Answered: Why is my chid wetting the bed? could it be a physical problem?

It could be. How old is the child? Bed wetting occasionally before the age of five or six is pretty normal. Beyond that age, there might be a problem-I'd talk to your doctor.

Answered: Do potty exercises help to stop bed wetting?

Yes, if your child is old enough to potty train. In the mean time, you can try protecting your child's mattress by purchasing a mattress protector. With this, the mattress will not absorb spills, liquids and pee easily. This lessens your cleaning work. I am sure your child will get over bed wetting ...

Answered: Need new mattress but scared of bed bugs from stores

Put some of that PAMMA dendrimer shit on it. It's good for everything except bedbugs. It is highly toxic to them.

Answered: Bedwetting?

5 years old kids can already have a bladder control.

Answered: Hydrocephalus question

i adopted a little girl 16 yrs. ago who's mom went thru trauma during delivery,as a result the baby was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at a week old,and shunted several times during this period,she also was born at 26 weeks, today she is 18yrs. old she is a wonderful child but is diagnosed also with ...
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Great question! Have you seen these bedwetting pants ?