can hips be "out of line" or "unaligned"?

can hips be "out of line" or "unaligned"?

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Answered: What causes hip to become unaligned?

Hi jjacobs: Start with a hip xray or MRI. That is the first thing any Dr will do to get a Diagnosis. If you do not have insurance yet, I suggest you pay cash somewhere so it is not considered pre existing. Not out there in a data base somewhere. Your private business. Good luck. Dr Ron Grassi,DC.,MS ...

Answered: My phone lines are down

AOL Answers is not your phone provider. You have to tell the phone company.

Answered: Hip relacement

Most hip implants ahve been reported to fail due to defective component used by the manufacturer. Biomet is one of the makers that faced a number of lawsuits because of their faulty device. Read more @ .

Answered: Are small dogs apt to be burdened with hip ...

Not all of them. It depends on the breed, and if it is a mixed breed then it is more likely. In saying that it is not a definite fate. Like all of us, old age catches up, so joint soreness is inevitable, but major hip problems are more common in larger mixed breed dogs. . Omega 3 oils are great to ...

Answered: Chronic hip pain at night

Pain usually decreases after one gets going in the morning. Pain that originates at the hip and travels towards your lower extremities is difficult to diagnose without certain specialized instruments. However it does not, based on your symptoms seem to be related to the sciatic nerve. A visit to a ...

Answered: Cool lines

Augie Doggie
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Photopenic defect in area of hip implant

Is this the kind of implant I read at ? These implants bears a life-threatning side effect. This kind of surgery should be tested more before surgeons implant them to patients.

Surgery to help with a dog's hip dysplasia is very ...

my dog is 10years of age and he has a big a big lump on life side of his hip please tell me what i can do to help my dog

Can i have hip replacement surgery and still work as a truck driver?

You may have your work back, yes, but maybe you need to be extra careful that time. Your hip, just like your knee carries the mass of your body. You also have to consider that time when you have your hip replacement surgery, it may cause failure to your surgery if you insist yourself in that kind of ...

Residual hip pain after hip replacement surgery

Hi, I have here excerpts from articles. Which might be helpful to your question. You may want to read it as well. How do you know if your hip replacement is failing? Here are some sign and symptoms: Often particles grind out between the ball and socket, and they irritate surrounding tissue ...