can hernia repair surgery come undone?

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Answered: What is a Spigelian hernia?

This site will explain in layman's language:

Answered: How to relieve pain in the esophagus from hiatal hernia surgery

Don't you just hate docs that don't tell you squat and force you to seek medical advice from the Aoliens. We we're here from Ursa Beta Minor to tell ya that opiates are an excellent choice. For humans. You are human, are you not? Opiates have little effect on the Minorian metabolism, but a common ...

Answered: Woman hernia surgury

I don't exactly understand what you are looking forward regarding hernia. Yes, it is mandatory. For treatment of Hernia, surgery is the only remedy. There was never, there isn't, and there may not be in future any treatment for Hernia other than surgical operation. Delay in operation can result ...

Answered: Cost of surgery to repair hiatal hernia using Medicare and a supplement

The cost of the surgery depends on what the physician's fees are; the hospital fees; anesthesiologist's fees; physician assistant fees; drugs administered; blood products used if any; length of hospital admissions time; use of non covered services such as phone and tv. And, the cost of any other ...

Answered: Do you have problems with bowel movements after surgery on hernia in

yes, 2 years since my surgery, and i'm still having problems.

Answered: Choking Sensation / Hiatal Hernia

Hi, Chelsedge, your situation might be dangerous. In order to find out if hiatal hernia surgery is necessary, you will need to seek medical help, and pass an endoscopy test ( this is an inside examination of your digestive system with a miniature camera attached to the end of a flexible tube ...
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Seeing this has made me feel much more confident in regards to my own doxie, he has the same diagnosis and is 5 yrs old. We have an appt with a surgeon tomorrow. My issue right now is money, I'm hoping this will be something we can make payments on instead of coming up the entire amount up front ...

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