can having toenail fungus affect a pregnancy?

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Answered: Why is fungus in your toe nails so difficult to ...

Don't waste your time in trying any powders, sprays or creames. I have tested almost everything. The easiest and cheapest way to eliminate nail fungus and athlete's foot: Use special antifungal cedarsoles (eg: ). The cedarwood binds moisture and reduces bacteria.

Answered: How do i deal with toenail fungus?

I had a similar problem - went to the podiatrist paid $30 for a liquid to brush on twice a day - then was advised by the same doctor to soak my feet in vinegar and water twice a day. Good remedy - no side affects like medicines.

Answered: How long does it take to treat nail fungus with an ...

Six month is realistic, but it may take longer. In my case it took longer, round about 9 month. I've heard vinegar should also work against the fungus. But even better: Zederna insoles made from cedarwood. You just wear them inside your shoes and you get a very fresh aroma (like menthol). The plus ...

Answered: Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus

Laser treatment for nail fungus with Nd-Yag laser has become more popular in North America. For most patients, multiple treatments are required to completely eliminate toenail fungus or fingernail fungus. You will not see results instantly. Within the first 3 months, it will gradually clear and new ...

Answered: I have a thin black line in my big toenail from top to bottom what does

I have read all the scary answers like could be a sign of hearth disease and can be melanoma ( skin cancer very rare) but I have found the most liekly reason for me : psoriasis. If you have nail psioriasis like me having thin line like this is a common sign and it is not related to the previous ...
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It usually takes between 6 to 9 months before you will notice a new nail growing. As the new nail begins to grow, the rest of the damaged toenail will come off. Toenails take longer to grow than fingernails.


Treatment of tinea versicolor depends according to the severity and location of the skin infection, the climate, and the preference of the patients. Given below, are the different treatment methods which are used to treat the fungus on skin, that causes white spots on skin. http://www ...


I totally agree with nazare45. But You may have visit this site: which also including the popular problem of Toenail Fungus and here you can find all the treatments, natural, alternative and prescription.