can ex-wife of deceased veteran get benefits if present wife still living?

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Answered: Www.soaringeaglecasino.comWhatkind of benefits do you have for

Vets get no benefits in casinos. They soak us every chance they get. Keep your money in your pocket. Never gamble: you WILL lose.

Answered: Can my wife collect her Social Security and me not lose my Veterans

2 FX. U get Ur VA & SSI-SSA. She gets her SSA-SSI-other ret'ment. Talk 2 congressman.

Answered: Ex Wives Rights to deceased Veterans Disability Pension?

hi... i wish i knew the answer to this question.. also. i wish u the best on this... and hope you get it. i, myself, was married 14 years to vietnam vet . right after we divorced he filed for va disability and got full disability. and continues to get..... if he passes away... can i get part of ...

Answered: Interlachen country club is there going to be veteran day golf if so can

I would put that question in a note and drop it on the shelf next to the exlax and see if they get back to you. You might as well be writing to Santa Clause on AOL if you expect an answer like that.

Answered: Is a Domestic ...

It would amaze me that Facebook ever did anything to help veterans: so far their emphasis has been on the aggressive persecution of veterans, their families, and patriotic groups whom they call "right wing jingo militant extremists." There are some sites I will not access. Facebook is one of ...

Answered: How do i find veterans of 173rdabn combat engineers viet nam 1966-1967

The 173rd Airborne Brigade ("Sky Soldiers") is an airborne reinforced regiment based in Vincenza, Italy. They do conventional strike ops for NATO, Army, and Navy. It is the only unit Obama has awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. They also do conventional re-supply and other operations as far ...
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I need statement/proof of va benefits?

If you are currently receiving VA disability payments, you should have received a statement of benefits from them. Contact the VA Regional Office near you and request a copy. Go to "" to find your nearest office.

Crazy ex wife

Maybe you should ask your ex if you could enter her home if that situation happens in the future? Then, also, you could just not take liberties regarding violating her space if you're not sure. That aside, your daughter probably would benefit from counseling. Because she's just 11, I'd start ...

My Uncle served 20 yrs in the service. My Aunt ...

If he retired from the service and was in receipt of retirement pay he was given the option to have an amount of money taken out monthly to pay for an annuity. A lot of military retirees dont take this option. you should ask your aunt if they infact recived monthly pay. i would think that she would ...

Who is entitled to benefits from death of veteran

The veteran's family is usually entitled to some death benefits.