can ex-wife of deceased veteran get benefits if present wife still living?

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Vets get no benefits in casinos. They soak us every chance they get. Keep your money in your pocket. Never gamble: you WILL lose.

Answered: Can my wife collect her Social Security and me not lose my Veterans

2 FX. U get Ur VA & SSI-SSA. She gets her SSA-SSI-other ret'ment. Talk 2 congressman.

Answered: Ex Wives Rights to deceased Veterans Disability Pension?

hi... i wish i knew the answer to this question.. also. i wish u the best on this... and hope you get it. i, myself, was married 14 years to vietnam vet . right after we divorced he filed for va disability and got full disability. and continues to get..... if he passes away... can i get part of ...

Answered: Interlachen country club is there going to be veteran day golf if so can

I would put that question in a note and drop it on the shelf next to the exlax and see if they get back to you. You might as well be writing to Santa Clause on AOL if you expect an answer like that.

Answered: Ex wife may I say? You arent the only one he owes to and she isnt the

I agree, that's where we are at. He can keep his money and keep his disfunctional self out of our life. It's calmer and positive this way. I've said what I want to say to him and there is nothing more to say. Unless he changes what he is doing and the life style he is living, than he's better ...

Answered: Ex-wife right to deceased vateran pension

No.Not atleast until your dumb ass learns to spell it.Was he VAT or a VETERAN.If you need money go to work.He earned his VA benefits and you have no right to them...
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If he retired from the service and was in receipt of retirement pay he was given the option to have an amount of money taken out monthly to pay for an annuity. A lot of military retirees dont take this option. you should ask your aunt if they infact recived monthly pay. i would think that she would ...

Who is entitled to benefits from death of veteran

The veteran's family is usually entitled to some death benefits.

If a women marries a veteran who is 100% disabled is she entiled to

I don't know what benfits you are entitled to but call the Dept. of Veterans Affairs @ 1-800-827-1000. or look in the phone book ther will be a local office where you will get better info instead of the 800# good luck

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iam in the same situation iam not married to my partner yet we are planning on it and for the past few years i just keep coping shit from his ex partner,they have a child together which was conceived only after 1 month of knowing each other my partner stayed by her than she cheated on him i came on ...