can dog feces and urine cause health problems in humans when breathing?

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Answered: What are the causes of bad breath in dogs and what are the most effective

eating meat they are carnivorous and cant be helathy withou meat and cant but stink when eating whats helathy for them but they have no problem their mates stink the same as they so nobody notices except for u fool

Answered: Can you cure bad breath with fibre?

Munch Your Way to Oral Health According to, chewing fresh herbs such as mint, parsley and rosemary can help fight bad breath. You can either chew the herbs or make your own herbal concoction by steeping the leaves in hot water. Herbs not only freshen your breath, but they can ...

Answered: My dog keeps getting something like cysts on a person on her paws. Is

Tammy, it could be something as simple as an infection from licking, a bite or a laceration, a sebaceous gland cyst or it could be the start of tumors, which can become malignant. Some dogs are more prone than others to skin problems. They can be caused by allergies, heredity, thyroid or auto ...

Answered: Can too frequent urination cause headaches

Too frequent urination can cause dehydration, which can cause headaches.

Answered: What can cause incontinence in dogs?

urinary trak infection nad kidney disease. also scar tissue from being spayed

Answered: How can I look out for the signs of illness in my dog without confusing

Walk him often. Play with him inside also. Dogs do sleep a lot.Tummy rubs and love, good too.
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Mange causes odor in dogs

Mange odor smells gross. Dogs with mange have foul odor similar to that of a strong cheese or like athlete's foot. Eew.

Frequent urination

Another one women have to deal with more frequent than men is urinary tract infection. In such case another signs can appear as well, like pain when urinating and different than usual odour.

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