can deposit my tax refund to my american express bluebird card?

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Answered: American express gift card activation

You can activate it by phone or online at American Express gift card .

Answered: American express gift cards

SSK, did these retailers tell you why they won't take it? If they take American Express, they should take gift cards.

Answered: Taxes on gift cards

If you won a gift card, it is income. If they add 6% for state tax, then tax the total, you should wind up with the net amount, although you will owe federal income tax. Your regular pay also gets taxed.

Answered: What kind of rodent would eat a bluebird

Well, rats will eat anything they can catch. Including each other if they're hungry enough. They tend to be omnivores. I can't think of any other rodents that would eat a bird. Lots of animals, but no rodents.

Answered: Refund

You are in the wrong place, Evelyn. This is AOhelL. We have nothing to do with this. Or much of anything else. I wish you luck in recovering your money.

Answered: 2012 irs tax refund date changed to february 7 ...

Thats funny ... mine was accepted 1/24/2012 by 11AM .. wheres your refund on irs site has changed my direct deposit date from 2/14/2012 to 2/8/2012 I am confused like you I think.. So does that mean I will get a hold also? My bank said the funds are available for use immediately? hmm.....
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