can dayquil and nyquil show up in a drug test?

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Answered: What causes librium to show up in drug test if librium has never been

The most likely cause would be the ingestion of another benzodiazepine.

Answered: How many years can an employer go back on a drug test

It depends on the test. It's up to 3 months for a hair and urine test, up to two weeks for blood test, and up to a few days for saliva test

Answered: Refridgerated pee for drug testing

Ethanol does not have that long of a half-life. It will disappear much sooner than 80 hours. Ethanol disappears from the body at an average rate of 10-20mg/dl/hr. This is actually zero order kinetics for those who might wish to quibble.
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I guess you came up positive!!!!

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If you hadn't taken drugs,you pass.

Can cps make me take a drug test with out a court order

Hi, NO! If you're over 18 years old, you do not have to take any drug test for anyone unless you want to, applying for a job or for some other legal reason. ~Micki~