Can cystocele cause urinary retention and bladder neck spasms?

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Answered: Bladder spasms after prostate surgery

i had prostate surgery Aug. 2 did not have any spasms while catheter in but now have had them (I think that what the pain is) when I have to urinate. not alot comes out and after i urinate my pain (spasms) stops. is this you too?

Answered: Can a hemroid cause urinary retention

I never heard of an internal hemorhoid. Hemorrhoids are generally caused by the rupture of muscles of the rectum and are not internal. They are generally caused by overstraining the muscles because of constipation. If you are suffering from difficulty in passing urine you should see your urologist ...

Answered: Bladder Sling and Fluid Retention

Your bladder problem has nothing to do with the fluid retention you are experiencing. Fluid retention could be another problem, such as heart problems or kidney problems. Most doctors generally prescribe lasix to solve fluid retention and help your body remove the excess water. You may read about ...

Answered: Can my hair loss be caused by a bad diet?

it must be related to bad diet

Answered: Can sexual inactivity cause bladder prolapse?qt=q

Well, to make things clear, sexual inactivity prevents pelvic injuries. If you are not sexually active, then you have lower risk in developing prolapse. However, there are other factors that may also predispose you. Visit, and learn more about pelvic organ prolapse ...

Answered: Severe neck pain in children due to the common cold

Maybe there is a possibility that it is because of a virus. I advice you will consult a doctor about it.
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