Can cystocele cause urinary retention and bladder neck spasms?

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Answered: Bladder spasms after prostate surgery

i had prostate surgery Aug. 2 did not have any spasms while catheter in but now have had them (I think that what the pain is) when I have to urinate. not alot comes out and after i urinate my pain (spasms) stops. is this you too?

Answered: Bladder Sling and Fluid Retention

Your bladder sling has nothing to do with fluid retention in your legs and ankles. Frequently is a hallmark of mild to moderate heart failure particularly if as you say, your blood preassure elevation has not beeen under good control.Also it is very important to know that some blood preassure meds ...

Answered: Can a hemroid cause urinary retention

I never heard of an internal hemorhoid. Hemorrhoids are generally caused by the rupture of muscles of the rectum and are not internal. They are generally caused by overstraining the muscles because of constipation. If you are suffering from difficulty in passing urine you should see your urologist ...

Answered: Did Payton Manning mini sezures come from a buldged disc in his neck

no. Seizures stem from abnormal cortical electrical discharges.

Answered: What causes bladder spasms in children?

There are lots of factors that cause bladder spasms. They are actually usual. They can be as a result of something so simple as your diet or medication. A bladder spasm usually seems like a cramping coming form your bladder area. Another excuse for bladder spasm may just be infection or possibly a ...
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In females, intercourse frequently results in bacterial being moved into the urethra/bladder which often results in infections. There is a genetic predisposition in some people that relates to the surface antigens of the cells and bacterial recognition. In men, urinary tract infections imply ...

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