Can Cortisone shots give you leg cramps?

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Answered: What cause inner thigh cramps and what can I do to ...

low potassium can cause that. have a bannana!

Answered: Why do bananas cause leg cramps? It happens with ...

YES, I also have gotten foot cramps going up the side of my leg at night after eating a bananna the day. It never happened before, maybe there is a small %of us that can not eat what ever they spray on them as they grow these days? Very srtange?!

Answered: How dangerious are leg cramps from advair use

Thank you for your response, but I heard taking QUININE with ADVAIR is not recommended . I have been taking potassium and it has worked well, but I do not want to just keep adding more meds . But the leg cramps are unreal!!

Answered: Are leg cramps normal when you have a blood clot?

Leg cramps ARE NOT normal with Venous blood clots / DVT. I do vascular ultrasound and would say that <15% of patients with a DVT note cramps as a symptom. Please,...symptoms or the way patients describe their symptoms are extremely subjective, therefore think about the sensation before using a ...

Answered: How does benadryl stop leg cramps

It is a very unusual reason for taking benadryl. Did'nt know it would work for that. Must be that it relaxes you so the leg muscles relax and the pain is gone.
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