can cold weather cause teeth and gums hurt?

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Answered: Uncertain Causes of Sensitivity in my Teeth

Thank You...This all started many years ago when I was growing up and had poor denistry care. And the advances made over the last 2-3 decades have been very helpful. In fact if a person eats and brushes and uses the available treatments I can't see any reason to even have a cavity or dental work ...

Answered: My child has odd shaped gums

Hi, Sounds like you should go to a specialist. There is no reason to leave this problem for a later time. I would think seriously of going to a doctor and having this checked out. Good luck.

Answered: How does Crohn's disease affect the teeth and gums?

The mouth may be affected by non-healing sores (aphthous ulcers).

Answered: I have had braces for a long time, but have noticed that my gums are

Has been a year since you asked. Hopefully you have rec'd an answer by now from other sources!! If not then I can tell that one of my daughters has had to wear braces for just over 7 years and has had the same problem with gum overgrowth. Like you, she takes very good care of her teeth. We have been ...

Answered: I have a space between my two lower front teeth due to receding gums. My

The dentist will cut the gum out then you will be able to get braces!hope i helped

Answered: Missouri kato This a weather area in North Dakota around Williston nd and

Williston ND is on the Missouri River, downstream of the confluence with the Yellowstone River, and one of the places where they measure the river height and forecast flooding. The Missouri flows from there to Pierre South Dakota and over to the border of Iowa.
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Tired of winter weather?

I am primarily tired of the wind and the cold. We had 20 degrees below here and it is difficult to take the puppies out when it gets this cold.

Why do cold drinks hurt my teeth?

yep, maybe ur teeth cant adapt to the cold water and ur teeth is not so healthy as u expected, hoho

Does tooth whitening toothpaste harm the enamal on your teeth? Does it

check out this teeth whitening site for more information.

Does anyone know of any home remedies for teeth whitening?

Home remedies for teeth whitening are safe and work very well. Traditional teeth whitening is not reliable and can cause damage to teeth. You can use the natural approach and try any of the following home remedies for whiter teeth - 1. baking soda 2. Activated charcoal 3. Hard wood ash ...