can cinnamon powder and honey restore hearing loss?

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Answered: I understand that cinnamon can help someone with ...

Actually, cinnamon is a natural antioxidant. As far as weight loss, I am skeptical. Cinnamon and weight loss

Answered: I know cinnamon has been touted to help with ...

Probably, but they definitely won't taste as good.

Answered: A question about honey and cinnamon

I think the cinnamon purchase from supermarkets may have sugar in it. If your goal is also to lose weight by burning fat you will accelerate your result by purchasing from the health food store.

Answered: Should the honey be raw and organic for the benefits to work?

Both raw and organic types of honey are beneficial. Raw honey is the honey packed tightly in the intricate looking honeycombs still in the hive untouched by the beekeepers. On the other hand, bee farmers have to follow a very stringent set of guidelines to ensure the production of organic honey ...

Answered: What do i need to know about hearing loss?

I was suffering from severe gearing loss while suffering from systemic Candida. After clearing the fungal load, my hearing returned to 90% of normal!

Answered: My mom didn't want to use a hearing aid, but at ...

Well tell her that if they work get them. I have two that cove my whole ear and they work good. Being vain never helped me hear.
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Connection between hearing loss and diabetes?

Diabetes tends to damage the nerves and I guess due to damage to the nerves that perform the function of transporting signals from ear to brain and vice verse hearing loss is possible.

What do i need to know about hearing tests?

Hello Lydia You should have a hearing test at least once a year, don't worry about hearing test. You can have your ears tested in the comfort of your own home or in a specialist hearing aid centre For a free Hearing Aid Test visit Don't be scared.

Help fo Hearing Loss

Did you consult the specialist according their advice you are having the pills.Then ok .Because having irrelevant pills not good for health .Just get advice from right source for your problem it can help you to recover soon.I took advice from for my hearing ...

I would like your help in finding a good hearing aid.

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