can cinnamon extract keep mice away?

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Answered: I understand that cinnamon can help someone with ...

Actually, cinnamon is a natural antioxidant. As far as weight loss, I am skeptical. Cinnamon and weight loss

Answered: I know cinnamon has been touted to help with ...

Probably, but they definitely won't taste as good.

Answered: Can cinnamon help curb appetite?

It also is used for diabetics to help their sugar levels

Answered: How can I see mice in my house and not see any ...

Honestly, when in doubt, I'd say call an exterminator.

Answered: How do I catch my escaped pet mice?

What are these boxes called, can I purchase them? We just found one in our pool, dead. I feel so bad. They are on a screened porch with a large pool. I feel like the other two will soon take a dive if I can't trap them. I've raised them since 3 days old, their mom was killed by a family members ...
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Do mice have to have some place to exercise? And ...

Mice are both communal and active. Two female mice will usually get along well, especially if they've been litter mates (or at least cage-mates at the pet store). Two males can be more problematic. Some will get along, some will not. It just depends on the individual personalities of the mice ...

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You can try some softwares ,such as Password Unlocker ,Rar Password unlocker and so on. You can find them though google. I hope this information will be helpful.Thanks.

A question about honey and cinnamon

I think the cinnamon purchase from supermarkets may have sugar in it. If your goal is also to lose weight by burning fat you will accelerate your result by purchasing from the health food store.

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Exactly. Why? They are beautiful creatures.