can cellulitis go away without antibiotics?

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Answered: I spent one week in hospital with cellulitis. I would like to hear from

My daughter had it last year. She was out of work for two months. The doctor's wanted to amputate her leg at one point. She was given more antibiotics then I ever knew exsisted. Her foot and leg still swell up and hurt her. It's a horrible, horrible disease. Follow doctor's instructions to the ...

Answered: How long do oral antibiotics last

Are you asking how long they should be taken for, or how long before they expire?

Answered: My wife has had several cellulitis infections in ...

When it is difficult or impossible to distinguish whether or not the inflammation is due to an infection, doctors sometimes treat with antibiotics just to be sure. If the condition does not respond, it may need to be addressed by different methods dealing with types of inflammation that are not ...

Answered: Cellulitis question

Antibiotics respond depends from case to case. It is normally that visible symptoms start to vanish in 3-4 days and patient start to feel better. If this is not case advice is to visit medical practitioner and make additional checkup. As harryvan said, during cellulitis treatment process it is ...

Answered: How do i keep fireflies away at night

Exactly. Why? They are beautiful creatures.
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Either call your doctor or a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist.

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Antibiotics alter the bodies resident flora which leave the organism more prone to other infections. Secondly, bacteria mutate and than are no longer sensitive to the antibiotic creating what is termed a super bug. MERSA is one such example of this.