can botulism be found in wine?

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Answered: What to do with wine too old in barrels

varnish finished old wine barrels with metal rings Compare varnish finished ... Used red and white wine barrels. One to three years old.

Answered: Korean Rice Wine

Maybe a liquor store or an Asian Market? They have this brand new invention that is an absolute technical marvel. It helps you find just about anything. You should try it. It's called the Yellow Pages.

Answered: What culture method used to diagnos infant botulism

It is difficult to diagnose infant botulism. But there are tips however, that can be beneficial for the baby's health. One tip is to avoid feeding the young one with honey because it has been determined to cause this disease. Canned goods must also be avoided. It is best to feed the baby fresh ...

Answered: What are the best wines in the world? I have been ...

I think the best wine is the Franch red wine .It is famous in the world.You can send a bottle to him,he wil like it very much.
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