can anyone move to Israel?

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Answered: Visiting Israel

Hi David, I hope you're still planning your trip. I'm surprised no one has suggested the religious guesthouses for pilgrims. They're pretty cool places to stay in and are much cheaper than hotels. (You don't have to take a religious test to stay there!) Plus, they tend to be located very close to ...

Answered: Latest joke in Israel

Ha Ha. It's better to use the word נקניק

Answered: Latest joke in Israel

I would have to say the latest joke would be the Tea Party.

Answered: Israel cities

I have two favorite cities: Jerusalem and Haifa.

Answered: What's the coolest city in Israel?

regards regards rachel-lednichenko

Answered: Usa and israel

I agree Kurt and the rest of the world does want Israel gone. I believe that Israel should possess everything from the Jordan River to the Litani River and of course the Golan Heights and all of the Sinai, period . This is their land and God gave it to Israel Thousands of years ago and it is still ...
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Israel from everlasting to everlasting amen

yechielshlipshon: Zachariah is one of my favorite books to read. Studying one day in The Word his name came up and the way Yeshua put it in context I begin to cry. Everytime I see his name I am moved in my spirit. Up til then I had only glanced at the Old Testament but for over the last year or so I ...

When will israel attack iran ,april?

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Is Israel a viable financial entity?

One thing you need to remember. And never forget. God goes with Israel. He leads them. Israel is the most advanced nation in the world in the technology sector and the very best in weapons design and manufacturing. Every day Israel comes up with the newest in technological advances, one example ...

How is Israel a democracy?

The outgoing Kadima-Labor government's anticipated decision to release a thousand terrorists, including several dozen mass murdering terror commanders, in the framework of a ceasefire deal with Iran's Palestinian proxy Hamas is simply the latest troubling legacy that the Olmert-Livni-Barak ...