can agent orange cause shingles?

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Answered: Is Agent Orange still used?

Check out this Link, it wont copy.. Sweet G ........................................................................ Agent Orange: Herbicide Tests and Storage Outside the U.S. - Office of Public Health and Environmental Hazards Agent Orange and other herbicides used in Vietnam were ...

Answered: Shingles

I know shingles is highly contagious, however the ones that have to worry about contracting shingles are ones that have not had chicken pox yet.

Answered: Shingles

The fracture did not, in and of itself, cause the Shingles, but the stress associated with the fracture weakened your immune system and the Varicella virus reactivated, resulting in the singles. Jay

Answered: Agent Orange infected flyer

I was in DaNang from 5/67 to 10/69 and suffer NO effects from agent orange. Merely being 'in country" was not enough. You have to show possible exposure. Saigon itself- or more precisely TonSon Nhut airbase were not targets for agent orange since there would be no need to defoliate either place. If ...

Answered: If you have had shingles can you get Chicken Pox?

If you get lucky you shouldn't worry about it. It can last up to months and has painful symptoms : 1. burning 2. stabbing pain 3. Aching

Answered: Children of agent orange victims: My wife had two ...

Hi, My name is Greg Hackworth and I just now read your article about your wife and the still born and also about your daughter. There are a few things you need to understand about the VA before you go on. Did you know that every time VA officer turns down a claim or gets someone to give up he or ...
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Agent orange at osan ab korea

I was at Osan from 60-71 with the 347th Munitions Maintainence Squadron. I had my first of 3 heart attacks at age 35. Diabetes, Kidney Failure, and finally a heart transplant. Spent most of my time on the flightline and end of runway. Saw the ROK army guys handspraying on several occaisions. You are ...

Can agent orange show up in a blood test of the child of a vietnam

no i didnt find the answer yet please find me an answer

Is shingles contagious and for how long?

Once the blisters have cxrusted over your are no longer contagious.

I WAS IN KOREA IN NOV. 1969 TO DEC. 1970. IN 1975 ...

Your cancer has not been linked with Korea era agent-orange. Only type II diabetes has. The diseases currently on the list for Viet Nam era include hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma, respiratory cancers, soft-tissue sarcoma and prostate cancer. Veterans' children with spina bifida, a congenital ...