can adult sexting hurt you emotionally?

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Answered: Teen Sexting ...

It sounds like you are plugging a book . . . . . trying to get readers. It doesn't say your grandson was charged, it says he was going to be charged. If your grandson beat those charges, then this is more you trying to gain readers for your book, otherwise, you would be asking people how they feel ...

Answered: Getting started as an adult care provider

Keep in mind that there is no "best" approach. An individual's acceptance of adult care services depends on many factors, including personality, level of hesitance, functional level, mental status, relationship with the caregiver, experience in a social setting and understanding of adult care ...

Answered: Should sexting be banned in schools?

Yes! Teens don't understand the ramifications of "sexting" and if the only way to show them how serious it is deals with passing a law that makes it illegal, then I am all for it. The lesson they learn in their teens will help avoid the scandals we see in today's news about ignorant politicians ...

Answered: Adult mortality rates -in a room with 100 average American adults ages 30

The death rate is less than 1% per year until you get to age 60 or so. For those aged 65 to 74 it is 2%. But if ages are evenly distributed, there would be 22 people aged 65 to 74, so that figures to 0.44 deaths. And about 22 people aged 55 to 64 with 0.88% mortality is another .19 deaths, and 22 ...

Answered: The role of our emotions

Emotions are really important in One's life.But there should be a coordination between your heart and mind. Use emotions from ur heart to a extent till your mind allows.
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Yes it is cheating because you were having an online affair with Dawg and Little Richard You were longing for something more than what you had with old Jim, and you never address why you were doing it. Not fair to Old Jim and you had grave consequences whem WE found out.

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NO- I did not find an answer

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Thank you,for your time and your answer. I have been serching all after noon for the answer for this.I geuss theanswer was in mine and your heart along!

I have a disability. i am being emotionally abused by a neighbor. i want

You need a lawyer. A lawyer will probably give you a half hour to see if they will take your case, perhaps on a contingency basis where they get a percentage. A lawyer can tell you the law in your state. Threats are one thing; insults are something else. Maybe you will need to keep records of ...