can a younger man impregnate older women?

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Answered: What if older woman went out a younger man my ...

There's nothins wrong with it, it's just that your sone love to be with her, and have found absolute happines into her. As long as they enjoyed the company and happy on each other, so let them be.

Answered: Older seeks younger

"But if a man wants to go out with a younger Women its not ok Why????" You're mentioning the age of 18. I'm responding with the ages of 18 to 30 in mind. A woman in her late thirty's and older is almost your age, so she doesn't count. The fact that you're in your 40's and even have to ask that ...

Answered: Why younger man like older woman

Some men do not outgrow their Oedipus complex and find more satisfying and successful relationships with older women. That choice should be accepted and respected.

Answered: Im in a relationship witha man that is 10yrs ...

Hi Yari, The age gap should NOT be an issue (as long as you love each other). The only issue is that he is living with his girlfriend. You can't accept it !. It's either you or her. If he really loved you and wants you he would leave that place (even if it means a small room in a remote suberb ...

Answered: Older Men with Younger Women and ED

i strongly advice you to take natural testosterone treatment with this, you will avoid all the negative side effects that come along with traditional testosterone replacement. Such as.. * Testicular atrophy * Decrease in sperm count * Water Retention * Acne or oily skin * Enlarged prostate ...
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Dating a younger man

OK, I do not know how much younger; but take it from me, I have been dating a younger man for 3 1/2 years and they grow-up very slow. At first it was so great, the touching, holding, and the sex was good, learning about each other was so much fun and fulfilling. But when you come down to the real ...

Is he Just not into me?

Because he just wanted to get laid and you were accomadating. Of course he doesn't want to talk, he just wants sex. A first date that lasted the weekend. You haven't figured it out by now? Then you never will.

Older guys, younger women

Any man or women who is interesting in someone young enough to be their son or daughter has some issues. Find a man without issues.