can a womans tubes come untied after a few years of being tied?

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Answered: Can u become pregant afer u had ur tubes cut or if u had a fallopian tube

from your question, i am not sure exactly what you had done. but, I have known of few cases of pregnancy after tied tubes ... rare, but can happen. Good luck, rob

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Consider the Mother's Curse: "You will have children and they will act as YOU DO!"

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Answered: Procedure and normalities for tube tied/burnt

Temporal coincidence by no means proves cause and effect. A realistic interpretation would be the the changes you see are pregnancy, and as DBL noted, dietary related. If any gas had been insufflated, it would have been carbon dioxide. It would have been removed. What little remained would have ...

Answered: Can i get pregnat with my tubes tie?i have 3 kids already,and i got my

Yes you can. You have to go through Microsurgical tubal reversal, which simply refers to untying you tubes, letting you getting into pregnancy again. Good luck.
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