can a woman get pregnant at age 58 if she hasn't had a period in 3 years?

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Answered: If a woman has sex and the same night she gets her period, is it possible

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Answered: Is there a possibility for a woman to get pregnant if she had a 2 months

The possibility is there, although it's very unlikely, as having normal periods usually means no conception happened yet. Beauty Of Indonesian Women

Answered: If you have sex but then you get your period a day or two after does that

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Answered: Is it possible to get pregnant if you had sex a few hours before you get

I agree with the above answer, but sadly it is still possible. Unlikely but possible. It is also possible to get pregnant when on your period!! However, it is unlikely and probably not worth worrying about now... Good luck, Don.

Answered: We had an intercourse when I was expecting my period a day after.Is there

Yes it is possible. A woman ovulates before her period, which is the time that she would fall pregnant. I suggest taking a pregnancy test and next time using condoms.
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Can a women get pregnant if the man pulls out

it is possible to become pregnant even if the man pulls out before ejaculation because there are pre-ejaculation discharges that contain sperm cells. Better use a condom.

Am i pregnant?

no you are not pregnate it's suppose to be 7 days or less and the movement is just some water or something u ate or cramps. but no u are not pregant 7 days is normal

If i had my tubes cut 5 years ago is it posible for me to get pregnat

You would have to have surgery to reverse this and to get your tubes untied... you could also adopt a baby.

Can a women get pregnat two days after her period?

If she has a regular 28 day cycle... it is unlikely...