Can a sugar glider survive in the wild in Florida?

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Answered: Sugar Glider Bites and Hep

nothing will happen. the sugar glider bit ur daughter because the sugar glider does not knw her that well. she wont get a diese but will hurt

Answered: Can I feed dried lizardfish to my sugar giders?

They probably wont eat it, they like sweet things such as dried fruit. I never knew Sugar Gliders existed until I worked at the animal shelter part-time a few weeks ago.

Answered: I hav e a flying squirrel , and a sugar glider that is best friends?

If you have 2 cages, you could solve this problem easily. Just put them in separate cages when you cannot monitor them, then put them together when you can. Enemies can make best buddies. I believe yours can possibly be Ok together. Please watch them though. Until you are 100% possitive. And be ...

Answered: In what state is sugar loaf

This is an interesting question, in a psychological/sociological sort of way. Someone says Sugarloaf and everybody thinks of something different. For me, it's in Brazil. For others it's somewhere else. Okay, it's a trivial thing, but I find it interesting. I had completely forgotten the band ...

Answered: I am looking to buy a steel 2 person sling glider brown you had in one of

You will have to ask Navarro Drug Store in Miami. This is AOL Answers, and fewer than 1% of the people reading this would even live in Miami.
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