Can a remote car starter malfunction and cause the engine to shut off while driving?

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Answered: How to install bulldog security remote control starter in a 2000 dodge

which model bulldog is it. it would vary based on that also.

Answered: Cause of heated seat malfunction in 20001 cadillac

I would have thot that they would have had the teleportation thing figured out. Uncle Frank

Answered: Why does my floor fan that has a remote switch speed by itself

Because those fans are possessed, they have what is called a speed demon. The demon controls the speed, not the remote switch. Take it back and get a fan that is not possessed by a "speed demon?

Answered: Can diesel sludge shut my engine off

Sludge does not pass through fuel lines and produce power, think of mud. It must be liquid.

Answered: MI can't start the car, battery's ok, been tap the starter and start

Replace its alternator if battery is ok. Two common reason why engines don't start is when battery is low voltage or when alternator is not charging.
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Sorry but can't understand your question. It will better if you explain better what you want to ask? If you have problem with your Chevy starter and do not understand what exactly happen, my suggestion is show it to a car mechanic. As my sister was also faced such problem with his car starting and ...