can a range hood made in Irvington, Kentucky work in America?

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Answered: Differences of assembling Ductless or Ducted Kitchen Range Hoods,anybody

Ductless doesnt do much except partially charcoal filter the intake and then blow it back out into your space.

Answered: Can a range hood made in Lilley Township, Michigan work in America?

Not unless he has a green card, except as a member of the armed forces. The Army Rangers might be a good choice.

Answered: Kitchen range hood

When it comes to range hoods, there are several models and makes dependant on how much you want to spend. Is your kitchen equipped with an air duct? There are models out there that connect to an air duct and also ductless models that recirculate the air back into the kitchen. Island range hoods ...

Answered: Island Range Hood Options

The decision on how to choose one for your cooking lifestyle and the style of your kitchen could be a hard decision. Range hoods styles come in sleek and modern low profile models to elaborate architectural enclosures that are masked behind wall features. Modern and contemporary kitchens may opt ...
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Well, from what I know ducts should be angled correctly so the smoke and grease don't fall back into the kitchen area. The top of the hood should clear the average person's height when standing in front of the range. Usually, the city has its rules and regulations on attaching range hoods for ...

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