can a pregnant woman squirt?

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Answered: Is there anybody believe that a woman can squirt ...

It's about BOTH of you. If you cannot give a woman an orgasm you're not going to get her to squirt. It sickens me that so many women are lead to think there is something sexually wrong with them when the truth is the reason they cannot orgasm is most men are terrible in bed. Back to how to teach a ...

Answered: If a woman has sex and the same night she gets her period, is it possible

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Answered: Is there a possibility for a woman to get pregnant if she had a 2 months

The possibility is there, although it's very unlikely, as having normal periods usually means no conception happened yet. Beauty Of Indonesian Women

Answered: What is the best time to get pregnant?

You are most fertile a few days before and after your ovulate. The best way to work this out is to buy a fertility test which measures your hormone levels and will tell you when you have a peak in a certain hormone which means you are about to ovulate. You can also use a temperature ...

Answered: Can a women get pregnant if the man pulls out

it is possible to become pregnant even if the man pulls out before ejaculation because there are pre-ejaculation discharges that contain sperm cells. Better use a condom.
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Is it possible to get pregnant if you had sex a few hours before you get

I agree with the above answer, but sadly it is still possible. Unlikely but possible. It is also possible to get pregnant when on your period!! However, it is unlikely and probably not worth worrying about now... Good luck, Don.

We had an intercourse when I was expecting my period a day after.Is there

Yes it is possible. A woman ovulates before her period, which is the time that she would fall pregnant. I suggest taking a pregnancy test and next time using condoms.

When and how woman get preganat

No i dont think so because when having periods that means that egg didnt meet with the sperm