can a man have sex with a female dog in heat?

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Answered: Is it okay for a female dog that is in heat to take a shower?

It should be absolutely fine just make sure the dog is not experiencing any discomfort. for more information on dogs in season click here

Answered: Dog in heat(years)

Typically a dog will be in season twice a year. For more information check out

Answered: My female Rat Terrier just went into heat about 4 ...

The bleeding is completely normal and the dog will experience some discomfort. The dog may be behaving differently so at this time it is important to be more understanding of the dog's situation. For more information dogs in season

Answered: Whats wrong if my dog has been in heat for way more than the average

I would always err on the side of caution so I would take the dog to a vet. but it depends how much longer the dog is bleeding because there is quite a big range for perfectly healthy dogs. For more information check out

Answered: 7 month old puppy in heat

Yes there is a link between her symptoms and the dogs in heat. The dog is going through part of her menstrual cycle and at this point a number of symptoms occur. Your dogs has more acute symptoms than most. For more information check out this link dogs in season .

Answered: Can something happen to my female yorkie while delivering?

Yes, Something can happen to her! It is the same as an 11 year old girl getting pregnant. Odds are 50/50 that she will survive. YOU are responsible for keeping her safe. Shame on you!
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My son's dog has swollen teats that emit liquid ...

She may have puppies on the way, OR she could be going threw puberty, OR breast cancer, Or false labor. A vet check is really the only way to know. Good Luck.

How do I keep my male from breeding my female ...

You can either keep them separated while the dog is in heat or get some drug from the vet that prevents the dog going into season. For more information on dogs in season click here.

How old is too old for my female Amer. Staff to have pup's?

Although people say not older than six or eight there is no real cut off. A dog can breed at any age. Having said that the older the dog is the harder it is to get her pregnant and the more distress you are putting on it. for more information on dogs in season click here

Female that is not bleeding during heat

If she is not bleeding she is not currently in heat but in another stage of her cycle for more information check out dogs in season