Can a linear equation and a linear equality be solved the same way?

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Answered: Algebra/Linear equation

What is the meaning of: relevant equations Specific techniques definitions

Answered: What is the noun form of equal

The singular is "equal". A Navy commander is the equal of a lieutenant colonel.

Answered: I need help solving

Janet, you have to work from the inside first. (1-1/10) = (9/10). Then 1/(9/10) = 10/9. Then 10/9-1 = 1/9. Then 3 times 1/9 = 1/3. Spongebob, you can't solve that by factoring into 5 and 29. You can use the quadratic formula to get answers close to 13.6 and -10.6.

Answered: How do i solve this equation (y^-7)^7?

(y^[-7])^7 = (1/y^7)^7 = (1/y)^49 or 1/y^49 That means: 1/y * 1/y * 1/y * 1/y....... 49 times

Answered: Similarities and differences for solving logarithm equations

Equations with one logarithm such as log10 x =1 are usually solved by exponentiating to get x = 10. Equations with more than one logarithm will be more complicated; for instance 10^(log10 x + log10 y) =xy. There can be a logarithm equation with no real solution, such as x = log x (although with ...

Answered: Why are there 2 solutions when solving an absolute value equation?

If |x|= 1 (reads: the absolute value of X is 1), than x itself can be 1 or -1 (in both cases |x|= 1).
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What does the linear equation 6c^2-72=11c equal? Solve for c. Please

1. No, Guest234 gave you a wrong answer. 2. It is NOT a linear equation (a linear equation looks like: y=ax+b). 3. The solution of this equation is: 6C^2 -11C -72 = 0 C = either 54/12 or -32/12 (54/12 = 4.5 and -32/12 = -2 and 2/3)

Linear and non linear equation

Linear equation has an equal sign. eg. x=x+3 Non linear equation has inequality sign. eg. x<x+3, x>x+3

Which of the following represents the strongest linear correlation .09

-.92 represents the strongest linear(linear ball screw )correlation,I think

Solve for x (literal equation)

Y = (2 - 7k)x X = Y / (2 - 7k)