Can a habitat for humanity homeowner refinance their home?

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Answered: Homeowner's insurance

Aside for the information about home insurance, if the landlord won't let you have the information- which by the way if you signed anything should have a copy of your own- you can try various insurance agencies to get info or if it's a matter of urgency try getting legal assistance. Hope things will ...

Answered: Refinance a manufactured home

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Answered: Refinance

I think, it is not required for refinancing. If you apply for a mortgage and fill in your spouse name, then it will go under a joint mortgage which means both of you have applied for a mortgage together. Hence, in this case you have to mention the gross income, credit history and debts of both ...

Answered: How do I refinance

You might want to consider doing a no-pmi mortgage loan which is a fannie/freddie loan designed for those who don't have the 20% equity. Fannie/freddie allows for up to 95% loan to value. Now that Texas Mortgage rates are in the 3-4% range, now is the time to consider a no-pmi mortgage. NO PMI ...

Answered: Refinance or home reconstruction/mod?

Huddinsan, Try this it WILL help you. Save your home with a loan modification. Don't let it go into foreclosure. Get information at the link below. Good Luck, Rob Raak
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Refinance or home equity loan?

When faced with bad credit, or when in need of financial support, people resort to home loans. There are two types of home loans that a person can apply for – home equity loans and home equity line of credit (HELOC).How to Borrow a Home Loan Wisely

Auto Loan Refinance

If you are asking about auto loan refinance , yes I think it is an effective way to lower your monthly payments and save you a good deal of money in the long term. Auto loan refinancing is alike home refinancing. When refinancing car loans, you pay off your current car loan with a refinancing car ...

PA insurance companies that will write homeowners policies for in home

Hi, so if you want to get insurance coverage for your daycare, you should consider the personal insurance you already have, as you might get a bundle discount for the business side of your insurance needs. So, your background and preparation will actually consist of getting quotes from a variety of ...