can a female horse have a orgasm?

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Answered: What is orgasm?

Here's an interesting article that appeared in The New York Times that I thought answers your question. Enjoy!

Answered: Is a woman more likely to have an orgasm through stimulation of the

Not being a woman I can only go by what I have been told or read. But the location of the clitoris is in such a place that might not get stimulated during sex but need direct stimulation while a male’s penis is just a large clitoris that gets stimulated because of friction during sex. Many women ...

Answered: What exacatly is an orgasm

An orgasm is the downfall of ecstasis, the elevation where passion and pleasure meet.

Answered: Male or female horses in horse racing?

I'm going to agree with Madi Jay...I don't think the sex of the horse matters in horse racing. Start looking at some race results and compare the two! Here's a good source: TVG

Answered: Horse and barn intern in tennessee is there no ...

Jim, let me translate Bones' post. You are greedy and crazy.

Answered: How to do the finger twitch

Every woman is different, so there is no point to attempting to learn a standard move. There aren't any. Additionally, the same woman will not usually get stimulated in exactly the same way every single time. So if you're counting on one good move (which you intend to use repeatedly) to bring her ...
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Im a 26 year old female and I have a problem getting an orgasm. What can

OH this 56 year old woman know's the answer! I didn't have an orgasm on my clitoris until I reached my early 40's. Such a shame. You have to find your G-spot. If you don't know where it is, you can't tell him. Lie on your back and insert 2 fingers toward your belly button. You will feel a ...

Is it normal for a female to have whitish slippery ...

A female has a normal whitish discharge that occurs naturally in her body. It lubricates the vagina and increases in quantity during sexual arousal.The fluids are either thick and whitish or slippery and clear. Becoming Orgasmic : A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women

Who is the best female horse of all time? Ruffian or Zenyatta?

This is a tough question and as other contributors have replied, one can't really choose between the two horses as they competed in different eras and had to face different types of opponents in different conditions. Ruffian's career was cut short due to her tragic death while Zenyatta retired on ...