can a ex felon own a gun in PA?

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Answered: Can a felon have guns?

Legally, usually they can't. It's a very remote possibility a felon could successfully apply directly to the ATF for an exemption. ATF granting an exemption is about as likely as a snowball fight in the devils front yard. It's also a possibility a felon might be able to have the felony expunged ...

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There are model ex offender programs. Please contact:

Answered: Felon use a gun?

dude if your a felon you can not have a gun or amunition in your home or possession,it is a felony to do that and i assure you jail time will be involved .wait the 5 years and try to get your rights restored so you can handle firearms again,you can get a pardon.

Answered: I am a felon, never a violent charge, my father ...

most of the time, it is illegal to own, or be near them

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wow I am sorry for all of us. After reading these questions having a daughter can be a real heartache. I hope everything is well with you and everything has worked out.

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i think you are all wrong if she is calling him and he is to polite to say dont call me all he would have to do is not answer!! done end of story but he does so right their by him answering their is a break down in communicxationn with whomever he is married to either he is not getting the ...
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if they are legal binding brothers then they can be around each other. i am a federally convicted felon along with my brother who is still serving in feds and was aloud correspondence and visitation when i was released and on fed parole.

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