can a coma patient yawn, sneeze or cough?

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Answered: What are Painful coughs, sore throat, chest and rib pain, headaches

Nasty. Drink hot lemonade, eat soda crackers, take aspirin, and do very little else until your case of the flu is no longer contagious.

Answered: I would like to know what is wrong with patient site. I'm angry and

why are you asking us? In the first place you didn't even say what website you are concerned about. Secondly, how can people on AOL help you? Take this up with the people responsible.

Answered: Why do doctors sometimes put their patients in a medically induced

To stabilize them, and the body..ALSO, pain .. Sweet G

Answered: Can you make homemade cough syrups?

I remember my mother giving me hot tea (you can chose your flavor)with honey and half lime.She also put two drops of vanilla extract for flavoring.Very few years latter my dad got into creating a combo of honey,oregano,water and what we now know as dextromethorphan (actual cough suppresant) called ...

Answered: Why is yawning contagious?

The real answer is unknown. MSN Encarta explains the current leading theory: "[Professor Robert] Provine's theory is that group yawning is a leftover response from the time we were tribal creatures. ... Provine believes that yawning together helped synchronize our tribes. When we were tired, we ...

Answered: Are people in coma, accompanied with demntia ...

It does not sound like your grandfather is in a coma. The definition of a coma is "A profound state of unconsciousness". People in a coma cannot be woken. It is amazing that your grandfather is responding to people, squeezing hands and kissing. Talk to his doctor to get a better idea of what is ...
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I sneeze 4 maybe 5 times in a row every time I sneeze. Does this mean

Hi Ashley, you may have an allergy of some sort, or it could turn out to be something which your body involuntarily does. A friend of mine sneezes multiple times during the day and has done since she was 11 and the Doctors have found no reason as to why. If your Doctor clears you with no allergy ...

A 14 month old with a cough thats lasted 4 weeks

I had asked this question about an older child. An answer I got was to rub coconut oil on chest and upper back. Being a younger child I would ask the pediatrician first. You could try just a phone call but they will probably say to come in for visit.

Is 'croup cough' treatable? and what are the best ways to prevent or aid

Yes, croup cough is treatable. One of the best ways is to take the child out in the cold night air. You can also take them into a steamy bathroom or shower and clap on their back. Both of these methods are recommended by Dr. Sears. During the day, try some of these cough home remedies .

Pain and swelling on lower left side, can it be caused by coughing and can herniate yourself through coughing ........see the doctor