Can a Cockatiel male lay an egg?

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Answered: Cockatiel bird male or female

their attitude and chirps will give it away at around 6-12months of age.

Answered: Need chickens to lay eggs.

Your hens need a Rooster

Answered: Cockatiel society do you have any cockaties for sale at this time

Hello By chance would you be looking for a large parrot cage? I am moving and need to sell it? Bill

Answered: How many eggs can a chicken lay?

A chicken can lay one egg per day, but lays one hour later each day and only lays during day light. So, it works out that a hen gets one day off per month!

Answered: Ihave 3 hens who have all the correct layers ...

She is low in calcium, buy a bag of oyster shell.

Answered: I have a hermaphrodite male(?) cockatiel who laid an egg.

Hello, i also have a female cockatiel that just laid 4 eggs in the last two weeks and was in the nest covering the eggs, but she was just on one off my other female mating her from on top. so i ask the same question as bird lady did is it possible!!! I've had birds for over 12 years and never seen ...
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