can a car accident cause scoliosis?

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Answered: Top Scoliosis Surgeon

It's great you want to find best surgeon for son. HOWEVER, before you find the best surgeon, you should find a NON-surgeon to reevaluate his back to be SURE he really needs surgery. My son had the diagnosis at about 10 and went on to High School wrestling team, Black Belt in Karate and never was ...

Answered: Bus accident

Oh no, you must be suffocating with the great problem. But why don't you remember the kalawyer after you are suffocating so much with the personnel injury. When you need personnel lawyer then better to contact them , they are really awesome to defend the personnel injury case. http://www.kalawyer ...

Answered: I had car accident. Car hit me from behind as I ...

Try to call your insurance company if they will not cooperate with you call your attorney to help you out for this case.Because your insurance should cover all of the damages.

Answered: If you and your childs mother do not live together ...

Let me be sure about this. Who was driving?

Answered: Car accident

If you believe that the car accident was caused by someone else's negligence and you have all the evidence needed, you can make a car accident claims no win no fee . No win no fee for me is very practical most especially if you are in a tight budget.
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She was my mother. What questions did u have? Dawn

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It is very important for you to keep the details on what had happened after the accident...You also need to seek for a medical attention immediately to assess the damage. usually some injury doesn't come out immediately after the accident. The usual injury after a car accident is a neck injury ...