Can a breast cyst cause swollen lymph nodes by armpit?

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Answered: What does a lymph node look like? Not a swollen ...

This web site explains the functions of the lymph nodes. . Here are 2 web sites that have pictures of lymph nodes. ...

Answered: I have a Cyst in my right breast 5 cm and one in ...

I would like to have a second opinion, your health is at risk. Sometimes doctors can make a mistake, and by having a second opinion you will have peace of mind. I also believe in natural healing, since my mom has Parkinson I was reserching for natural cures, and I found this book The One-Minute ...

Answered: Why do I have a painful lymph node on neck?

L would get a second opinion. It could be a virus or a more serious condition. Were you checked for mono? Can get this at any age.

Answered: What causes swollen ankles?

Swollen ankles generally tend to come about when you over-extend, or stretch the connective tissue in the ankle. This can pretty much happen at any time. The best sprained ankle treatment is to get on a solid rehabilitation program, to help cut down on the swelling and start to repair you're ...

Answered: Prominent lymph nodes on breast ultrasound

Hello Donna, Are you the same Donna from London 1975, Wembley, Rena Nugent
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Breast cancer is fairly responsive to chemotherapy. The Bigger it is and the farther it has spread, the worse the overall prognosis. In my understanding, the treatment of some cancers, such as breast, changes more frequently than the seasons. I know that breast cancer is usually treated with ...

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Because my husband was diagnosed with it in his 40's. And he needed a a transplant when he was 51 for various reasons including a creatin level over 6

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Hi Hannah. I like my Secret Solid Anti-perspirant / deoderant. Arid Extra Dry Anti-perspirant deoderant is really good stuff too.. And they both have a lot of great fragrances to choose from. I think you will like them as much as I do. Good luck!

Can you get a cyst in your lymph node

Yes. If in fact it is a cyst, it may have to be drained.