can a blown pupil be fixed?

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Answered: My landlord had fixed our floors and now they are ...

If the place is not safe, you can move. Failure to maintain a safe residence is grounds for breaking a lease, but you may need pictures to prove it. It may be allowable to withhold rent until it is fixed, but you need legal advice. In some places you may pay to fix it yourself, and subtract the ...

Answered: Blown vein

The popping sound was probably a small air bubble passing through the IV needle with the flushing solution ...nothing to cause alarm and not enough air to cause harm. (And yes, I am an RN, BSN)

Answered: FIX AOL not responding

Aol has even their facebook and twitter mix up they need to hire people who know what they are doing. I sure wouldn't pay for this service.

Answered: What can be done about pupils that are not aligned, my son cannot

There is more than one cause of this. You need to take him to an ophthalmologist. Or another with experience in this area. Our son was taken care of by an optometrist who corrected the our son's problem with some exercises.

Answered: How to fix

Its sad to say that most electronic repairs like yours will cost you more than going out and buying a new one(esp. with your portable DVD player, which can be found now fairly cheap). Your best bet is to look for a new screen on e-bay or a similar site, and have a handy friend try to fix it, or you ...
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"[I]f you’ve got large pupils you’re relaxed and that’s demonstrating interest ...." ( The Nature Of Beauty : Australian Science Festival Forum)

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