can a become a us citizen with a governor pardon?

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Answered: Pardon

You only need a pardon if you have been convicted of a crime. The governor of a state can pardon a person, but it is a rare event.

Answered: How to write the n.y state governer to pardon daughters felony

You don't. Your daughter or her attorney has to be the one to generate this letter.

Answered: Why doesn't AOL offer a category for senior citizens?

What do you think this site is? Maybe OronD can help you?

Answered: How does a person qualify for a presidential pardon

This is a very informative site regarding requirments for pardon.

Answered: Apply for a Pardon

I wouldn't make it your goal to get a presidential pardon. Just explain when you apply to jobs that you made a stupid mistake 20 years ago... but you are very different now.

Answered: How to get a pardon from the state of mississippi

u have to aply to the pardons and prola boad, u can be on probation and have finished all ur oblations to the state ,
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Thanks to those who posted answers.

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