can a become a us citizen with a governor pardon?

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Answered: Obama FINALLY has a duty: he'll pardon that turkey........

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Answered: What to do if a US citizen dies in Frieburg, Germany

I don't know what other option you have other than shipping the body back home. Unless you bury the deceased in Germany.

Answered: I am a senior citizen how much should i be paying at this time

If you are asking about Medicare, most people pay no monthly payment for Part A; the standard rate for Part B is $104.90 per month, but if you earn more than $85,000 per year, there is an additional IRMAA charge. And you can get supplemental insurance, anywhere from $50 per month to $160 per month ...

Answered: How to write the n.y state governer to pardon daughters felony

You don't. Your daughter or her attorney has to be the one to generate this letter.

Answered: Pardoned Turkeys

Think they only pardon the turkey retarts.But they end up in the turkey retart colont where they are treated differently and there very sensitive about that .

Answered: Pardon

You only need a pardon if you have been convicted of a crime. The governor of a state can pardon a person, but it is a rare event.
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How to get a pardon from the state of mississippi

u have to aply to the pardons and prola boad, u can be on probation and have finished all ur oblations to the state ,


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Presidential Pardon and Immigration

NO. The Executive Branch can not write law. Laws start in the Congress. He is in violation of the Constitution and he will be nullified when the new Congress comes into session in Jan. If not they will get it from the people.