can a bad bladder infection cause shaking?

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Answered: Reoccuring feline bladder infections led to chronic renal failure?, people mentioned using yogurt.

Answered: Bladder infections

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Answered: What to take for bladder infections


Answered: Bladder Infection

i would go see a doctor right away... you need to find out what's causing this.

Answered: What are the causes of bad breath in dogs and what are the most effective

eating meat they are carnivorous and cant be helathy withou meat and cant but stink when eating whats helathy for them but they have no problem their mates stink the same as they so nobody notices except for u fool

Answered: Bladder Sling and Fluid Retention

Your bladder problem has nothing to do with the fluid retention you are experiencing. Fluid retention could be another problem, such as heart problems or kidney problems. Most doctors generally prescribe lasix to solve fluid retention and help your body remove the excess water. You may read about ...
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Can Dogs Take Over the Counter People Meds Bladder Infections?

I wouldn't risk it. These medications are also specified for certain weight, not to mention side effects that might be different in canine systems. Consult a professional, even over the phone. This of course only assuming that the dog was diagnosed by a vet before... Best of health to you both

Does a brownish color after wiping off pee mean a bladder infection

Well, urinary tract infections usually present with bleeding/spotting in the urine, extreme pressure and feeling of needing to urinate multiple times and pain as well as severe burning. When you mention brownish spotting when wiping, how old are you? If you're a young teenager it could be that you ...

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