can iron deficiency anemia cause sinus tachycardia?

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Answered: If someone were to take iron tablets for a ...

Different types of anemia require different supplements. Iron supplements can be detrimental and even fatal, if taken in the wrong form or wrong amounts. They can be useless if they're mainly filler and can't be dissolved in your body, which is the case with many of them, especially the el cheapo ...

Answered: Anemia without iron deficiency

There are a jillion things that cause anemia besides lack of iron: chronic disease, Vitamin B12 or folate deficiency, genetic diseases, acquired diseases (like through drugs) renal disease, bone marrow failure, bone marrow infiltration, auto immune diseases, etc. I study anemic patients' blood and ...

Answered: Will I have anemia my whole life?

All you need to do is incorporate more greens (kale and spinach) into your diet. It's packed with iron. I would highly consider juice fasting for a week and than starting a raw diet to achieve homeostatis. Cheers!

Answered: What are the effects of ingesting to much iron ...

If you are Caucasian, your skin will turn yellow and perhaps even the whites of your eyes. The color is not permanent. Also, your stool will be black for awhile, but that too will dissapate.

Answered: Confused and concernd

You asked the wrong person. I test my blood at least 4 times a day and I am hooked up to an insulin pump. Be brave, go for the blood test. You are probably not feeling that great right now and you need to have some blood work done, so get it over with.

Answered: Sinus and nasal congestion..Head in a fish bowl..Natural product

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What causes a sinus infection to occur?

The most common causes of a sinus infection are: 1. A virus 2. Bacteria 3. A fungus 4. The common cold 5. Allergies Thus, knowing the various causes of a sinus infection can help you take the necessary steps to prevent getting it. Source: ...

Can fungi cause sinus problems?

Yes, fungi are a common cause of sinusitis. Inflammation from nasal allergies or the common cold is the most common way to develop sinusitis. Beside fungi other possible causes are – 1. Environmental pollution 2. Allergic rhinitis 3. Hot and humid climates 4. Cocaine Use 5 ...

What to take for upset stomach caused from sinus drainage?

Sip on a mug of hot Chicken Broth - add a few Seasoned Croutons on top. This will help keep you hydrated & improve your feeling of well being. Sleep propped up on (2) pillows to help keep your sinuses from dripping into your throat.

Can anemia be harmful to my health in any way other than just annoying me

yes because you don't have enough oxygen in ur body consult a doctor. if u have it u have low energy levels