can inguinal hernia cause fatigue?

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Answered: How to relieve pain in the esophagus from hiatal hernia surgery

Don't you just hate docs that don't tell you squat and force you to seek medical advice from the Aoliens. We we're here from Ursa Beta Minor to tell ya that opiates are an excellent choice. For humans. You are human, are you not? Opiates have little effect on the Minorian metabolism, but a common ...

Answered: What is a Spigelian hernia?

This site will explain in layman's language:

Answered: What can the causes of fatigue be and how can i fight it?

The most common cause of fatigue is excess stress. chemotherapy the best treatment to fight with fatigue.

Answered: Hernia

Hernia can be of many types.There are mainly 6 types of hernia which include Indirect inguinal hernia,Direct inguinal hernia,Umbilical hernia,Femoral hernias,Epigastric hernias and Incisional hernia.

Answered: I had laposcopic inguineal hernia repair three weeks ago,my lower stomack

It takes time to heal. Even though laparoscopy leaves tiny incisions doesn't mean they weren't in there with a camera on scope and surgical instruments etc..It has only been 3 weeks but I hope you are keeping in touch with your doctor. MD should be kept up-to-date as they can answer your questions ...
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Cost of surgery to repair hiatal hernia using Medicare and a supplement

The cost of the surgery depends on what the physician's fees are; the hospital fees; anesthesiologist's fees; physician assistant fees; drugs administered; blood products used if any; length of hospital admissions time; use of non covered services such as phone and tv. And, the cost of any other ...

What are the common causes of fatigue?

Great question! I have written a page all about the most common causes of fatigue here: Hope that helps!

Extreme Fatigue....Brain Damage??

Annie, brain structures can be altered by extreme emotional distress and trauma. However, there is far too little information to go on by what you have written. I would strongly encourage you to see a physician for a complete check to rule out organic illness. If nothing can be found through lab ...

Paraesophageal hernia? What is it?

This web site has the information you asked about.