can 357 pistol bullets be used in a 35 whelen rifle?

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Answered: 35 whelen reloading 310. gr. bullet

I found this reload using a 310gr Woodleigh bullet. The data comes from an on-line source. Here is the link, if you want more loads, BulletWeight=310 it looks as though you can buy a subscription for a PDF manual and download it right to your computer. Best of ...

Answered: Can you shoot 357 magnum ammunition in a 40 calliber semi automatic

Absolutely not. Doing that will very likely destroy your pistol, and quite possibly your hands.

Answered: If someone shoots you with a .50 caliber sniper rifle and they miss, can

A miss is a miss and a hit is a hit, period! Only in handgrenades and the game of horseshoes does close count and then its only the handgrenade that can kill when close!

Answered: Rifle Caliber

I bought one for my Barrett rifle from Eurooptic . check out

Answered: Where is the best place in binghamton ny to sell bullets

What variety and calibers? Do you have full plating capability and a cold swadge? GSA has a contract open for match grade ammunition if your product is up to military specs.

Answered: Where to buy black metal pistol grip caps and black end caps for

Try at this site. They sell lots of stockmaking tools and accessories. Here's another place that could have what you're looking for
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What will happen if I shot a .357 pistol into the ground?

It depend on 2 thigs: The type of soil and the angle the bullet hits the ground. The outcome will vary from total penetration to returning to the air (and all the variatios in between).

Info on my pistol

As Norm says, it's probably an Iver Johnson. Any seasoned gunsmith can measure the chamber and tell you the correct caliber of the pistol or revolver.

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As there are number of options available out there where you can find used vehicles, there is nothing to feel worried. I would say, get in touch with the reliable online auto parts dealers like and make your purchase from the one that is ready to ...

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Guns and bullets are soon to be completely outlawed so that you cannot defend yourself or your family. That does not mean you are defenseless. It only means that you must resort to other weapons. Where handguns are used only defensively and as signaling devices to summon help, nature's weapons ...