can 2 domains can have same reverse IP?

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Answered: Are domains expensive?

I think the price of domain varies from the company to company providing it. To get the same for yourself in an affordable price do

Answered: Ip-address of Domain name

That would be under Domain Name Lookup Example--->

Answered: Domain's Ip-address

Know more about IP -addresses and tracking at

Answered: Domain name vs. IP address: why can't I send email to Comcast

Professional web hosts should be consulted for this problem. Tags:- Secured hosting providers | Virtual server hosting | Visit Secured hosting providers Blog

Answered: Can I find a domain name using an IP address?

Agree with the answer of Gerry and Walter. Just go through the above website and you will get the name of the domain...

Answered: What is cheap and best domain provider ?

I think one of the best is Found it really cheap and easy to setup. javascript:mctmp(0);
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Why should I buy dedicated IP address for a domain? I will still be using

First of all, dedicated IP can be useful because search engines will indicate your site as more important and give it more credibility over sites that share an IP on a server. And yes, your site will still be hosted on a shared server, unless you upgrade hosting to VPS or dedicated.

How can I gather information about a certain domain or IP address with my

It’s easy! Get the app called NetworkToolbox. This app comes with a range of networking tools which can be used to gather information about a certain domain or IP address.

Domain appraisal?

Yes..It's worth to get the appraisal for domains. There are many tools available to check the worth of your domains.If you need get the free appraisal service at . If you are looking for a better or human certified appraisal, we recommends a Certified Domain Appraisal from ...