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How did camille beck (iceberg slims daughter) die?

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  1. Hello, I'm her sister Misty Beck unfortunately she battled with drug addiction. It is hard to see the question "how did Camille Beck die?" on a google search but also an obvious realization that my fathers work is so much bigger than the family could have ever have imagined. I am sad and pleased at the same time that people saw my BEAUTIFUL sister more than likely on Ice T's doc Portrait  of a Pimp. Camille died of a drug overdose. Tragic,surreal, and such a sad ending to a life not yet discovered by her or anyone until now. Sad is an understatement...her death would have literally killed both my mother, and my father. I'm glad they both crossed over and didn't witness the end of the life of their 1st born and precious child. She was the beauty and light in my parents relationship when they embarked on their journey where my father  became a talent that has given him the ability to live on in his literature.  Now that a film has been made me, my mom, step mom, and sister Camille have sparked an interest in the real man Robert Beck. I'm honored and so sad to answer this question. As her sister I can tell you this..she was caring, undeniably beautiful, smart, funny, engaging, loving, and more importantly, one of the brightest lights in my natural life. A truly beautiful entity that lives on in my heart and hopefully all who get to see her radiant smile, if just for a moment in the doc embrace her spirit and pray for her then it makes her passing feel lighter because it really does weigh on my spirit and soul. Thank you for caring enough to inquire... wow. life is beautiful and so is Camille Mary Beck.

Thought I'd share a poem I wrote for my sister Camille's funeral. Thanks again for all who wonder what happened to Camille. Much Love... Misty

*Beautiful Angel*

Beautiful angel your wings were broken, you left this world so suddenly. Your death has silenced me. There don’t seem to be words that can be spoken. I keep trying to find strength, but I’m so very weak, but for you I’ve found the will to somehow speak. Beautiful angel you’re my sister and I love you, I’m going to miss you so much. Your passing is unreal to me. There’s so many people that you’ve touched. Your road was such a challenge there was too much confusion and pain. Now your sorrow has ended, and heaven is your stage. You had wings of an angel, but you never learned to fly. Now you’re soaring so freely, somewhere in forever skies. Beautiful angel you are loved, and we hurt because you’ve gone. We all have that final chapter, because a part of us death owns. Something tells me you’re finally living and there’s no need for us to cry. I’m trying to stop this pain. I need to dry my tired eyes. You my sister are now whole. There won’t be any more trauma or injuries to endure that wrecked your precious soul. You won’t have to suffer another moment of life’s deadly blows. Heaven held your destiny and it was time for you to go home. All the turmoil and struggle has finally gone away. Your spirit is a brilliant light, the kind that never fades. This life is sometimes difficult, it seems an impossible test. I use to pray you would try harder, but in the end I know you did your best. All of your debts in life are now finally paid. Only God can judge you for those human mistakes you made. Beautiful angel we’ll miss you for the rest of our days. I love you and it’s for always. In my heart you’ll remain. You were a wonderful sister and my confidant and friend. I pray there’s an afterlife so we get a chance to be together again. I’ll search the universe to find you once I take my final flight. Please be the beautiful angel waiting, with arms open wide. I will try not to cry for you or feel pain when I realize you’re no longer here. I know you loved laughter, and our family has had so much sadness, there have been far too many tears. The heavens are so lucky to have you in that world. You are an amazing energy a spirit I truly adore. Beautiful angel you’re free now, there’s no way you just simply died. You’re on your way to eternal peace, and the Lord is by your side. You were a mother, daughter, my sister and friend. Now you’re a beautiful angel. In heaven we’ll meet again….



Finding myself returning just to connect with you all. After reading the first two comments I was overwhelmed but seeing over 300 people have viewed and or searched how did Camille die? Is surreal and I'm so grateful that there are people who have interest in my sister and family to this degree. i thank u all and will gladly respond to your comments because they mean so much...truly feeling blessed and I thank you all.. those with comments and those who have just viewed this answer you are helping me deal with her death on a different level then the "norm" your interest is so wonderful, so beautiful. You see her and you cared, you see us and you care...Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless. 

I am overwhelmed by all the people who have searched the internet seeking my beloved sister. I encourage comments and I come here often to reach out back to you. Thank you so much for wondering, and for caring enough to look her up. She was my friend, sister, and an amazing person who lost a battle with drugs. If she were able to see the number of you who have searched for her, she would have been so surprised because I don't think she saw her self worth at times. I don't think the drugs let her see her bright spirit. It was so dark for her... You're interest proves to me what I knew...my sister Camille was a bright soul who still shines even in death. I love her, and I thank you again. God bless.

Love you, Misty! Take care of yourself!


Today my sister passed away 4 years ago. I thank you all who come here to find out why, but then discover how much her family misses her. You are so appreciated even if you haven't commented the number of visits prove to me again what I knew....she was so beautiful and special. Much love everyone. God Bless.
The pictures of her on the site below are beautiful. Please visit find a grave if you would like to see her radiant smile while she was in life. http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=71319208

What about your other sister I was under the impression Mr beck had daughters and one boy

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