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why is the apple i phone camera is not working?why they ask module of the camera?for what?answer me please hurry.

This is a 640x480 pixel resolution CMOS camera used in the Samsung E700 cellular phone. While 0.3 mega pixels may not sound like a lot, this module is one of the smallest, lowest cost CMOS imaging modules currently available to the embedded market. 640 x 480 pixels is more than enough data to test out your basic object recognition, obstacle avoidance algorithm, or simply to snap photos with your 8-bit micro.

This module is brand new, not surplus, we have a large inital stock quantity, and we will  stock this module for many years to come.

 The interface is hinted at with many other CMOS cameras, and since this is a cellular tech spin-off, there should be plenty of similar interfaces to mimic.

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