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I am 29 year old woman, my weight is 164 lbs and height 159 cm. How much is my ideal weight. How many calories do I need to burn per day.

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Using a Body Mass Index I was able to figure out that for your height you would want to stay anywhere under 140 lbs to be consider normal body weight. You may wish to review the fastest way to lose weight fastest way to lose but remain healthy in doing so.

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You should weight between 55 to 60 kg.

It is impracticle for a person to loose a fixed calories per day. The basic concept/formula is to burn more calories than its production. Have a morning walk as fast as you can do easily. Reduce intake quantity of deep friend items and use less oils in other eatables. Prefer green vegetables and salad. Do more physical jobs.

By following the above I have reduced my waist line from 39" to 36" in a steady manner. Do not choose the fast way to decrease the weight.




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