Calorie expenditure during sleep: Cold or hot room temp?

I've heard two different methods to maximize calorie expenditure during sleep- One is stay really warm, to the point that you are sweating, the other is to lower the room temperature so your body has to fight to keep your core temperature elevated.

Which one is it?

Can you please provide evidence?

Thank You.

PS. I've searched everywhere and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. The answer will help me win a bet, but evidence is needed (via a roport, study, article or something similar.) I'm also interested for my own purpose. Thanks again.

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I think you'll burn more calories when you're in a cold room. You may lose more weight when you're sweating, but it's only water that you're losing... 

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Both.  Any time you expose your body to extreme temperatures, it has to expend energy to maintain homeostasis.  In the case of a hot room, the body reacts by sweating.  Because sweat has a lower concentration of ions than normal isotonic body fluids, the sweat glands must extract ions from sweat before releasing it.  Separating those ions takes energy (just like desalination of water). 

In the case of a cold room, the body must obviously compensate by burning as many calories as you lose to the cold.

However, as a means of losing weight, neither will have any significant impact.  Far more effective would be simply putting less food on your plate.  I'm too lazy to do the math, but I suspect that spending 8 miserable hours in a hot or cold room would probably burn an additional 100 kcal of energy.  Roughly equal to skipping one spoonful of peanut butter.  Also, sleeping in an uncomfortable room will not be as restful, and poor sleep results in higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone that causes us to eat more.  So, although you might burn a few more calories, you might also end up craving many times the calories you burned.

Thank you for your answer. However, I don't feel it helps all that much. First of all, I'm on a 1500 cal diet and 6'3" 225 @ about 14% bf. I cook like an oven when I'm sleeping (or so my girlfriend always complains about) and am almost always sweating.

Also 100 cal, given my diet and stats, makes a load of difference.

You haven't stated which one would make the 100cal difference.

And finally, I hate Peanut Butter. (LOL, another thing my girlfriend complains about, cause it's her favorite).

But thank you very, very much for your effort.


PS. I just realized that if an average person burns 576 calories for 8 hours sleep and I can burn 676 that's almost half my intake, just sleeping!

Thank you! The first site should be enough.

What is the reason people get dead when sleep in very hot temprature?

Actually, you can burn a lot of energy sleeping cold. I did the problem using some of broad generalizations. You can burn like 80-100 food calories an hour just sleeping with no blanket in room temperature. The actual amount could be more or less than this. But this amounts to 1000 calories for a 10 hour night which is like .3 pounds. Your body spends about 35 food calories an hour at night any way, so this increases it quite a bit. I am not sure how much calories sweating uses. if you want to know how to do this problem. it goes like this:

energy spent=heat out= h*(T(skin)-T(room))*A

h is called the heat transfer coefficient. for still air its about 5 for but with a fan it could probably get to 10 or 15 ill use 7. T(Skin) is the temperature of your skin (in celcius) which can be approximated at 34 degress. well say T(room) is 20 deg celcius (70ish deg farienheit) A is the exposed area of your skin, which a good guess could be 1 m^2 (it might be more for you since youre taller.) then to convert to food calories its energy spent times 3600(seconds/hour)/4100 (joules/kilocalorie) you come out with

energy use= 90ish food calories an hour.

When I was in highschool my wrestling coaches told me this trick, but my parents said it wouldn't work. I tried it and it seemed like it worked.. I thought I lost an extra pound a night doing it. And now its turning out that it actually does takes a good amount of energy to keep your body warm, especially when you're not well insulated.

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