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Called a Nigger at work by an employee twice within 5 minutes of each comment.

What happens when you are called a nigger in front of other two co-workers, asked the employee to stop, and then called a nigger again? The government EEO has decided to conduct mediation but can I file a suit?

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Okay I'll bite, why get mad when you call each other by that name? If it's not okay for a "white" person to use it then why is it okay for you to? If it's such a BAD word (which I agree it is ) shouldn't the African community set an example to the rest of the world, by not using it?


If you do use it, then no I don't believe you should get any assistance.

haha thats actually pretty funny although dont take it so serious I mean 200 hundred years ago it was perfectly normal for your ancestors slave owners to call you NIGGER.

Your fellow employees are creating a "hostile work environment".  That is against the law.  You asked them to stop and they did not.  The company should have already stepped in and either terminated or put that employee on notice.  I do not believe that mediation works in most cases, it only aggravates the situation.  I don't know what state you are in, but check with the Labor Board.  There are also attorneys that specialize in this field.  They will give you a consultation.  Some companies have legal services in their benefits package.  At the very least you should let the company know that there are consequences for this employees action.  Believe me, they are hoping that you will go away with the least amount of effort on their part.  I have worked with African Americans that were very proactive against any kind of discrimination at work.They called their local chapter of the NAACP for help and guidance...try it and I wish you the very best of luck!

The person who called you that is a mindless incensitive blight on our society and should be punished by whatever means are available and be made to attend a sensitivity course.  This kind of talk is and should not be allowed or condoned by any individual.  This will only further divide the white and black communities which is something we do not need, we all need to pull together and put the past in the past and try our best to move forward and forget what our great-great grand parents did to each other.  You did not state the ethnicity of the verbally abusing person which is not that important as everyone needs to be more sensitive to others.  As far as the person who wrote that the black community or people call each other that, by no means give any one else the write to use that term.

youall be niggas, dont belong on this here earth, scum of the earth, filthiest animals alive

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