Unfortunatly we have a generation raised on its' milk reading scandel rags and watching TV reality shows that the likes of Sarah Palin has taken part in.

Disgusting the entire business.

Bottomline don't tell anyone your life history, keep your personal life to yourself, don't trust anyone.

Lady Darko

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Anonymous Comment

The voices you hear in your head and the aliases you use to post your insane thoughts is not gossip.

Anonymous Comment

Lady D, You can't post anything without bringing down a political party that has absolutely O to do with the question. A Yenta is a yenta.


Anonymous Comment you are the biggest Yenta...gossiper on Yedda and those with Character know it.

Lady Darko

Anonymous Comment

It is mainly the same poster that posts none stop on here under many names. One of the being Ladydarko.

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