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I have been having problems with my calendar for about 3 weeks. When I click on my calendar sometime it's blank and sometimes the events come up. I had all my coworkers calendars but they weren't able to load mine so I deleted everyone and now that they sent me their link the calendar will not load. It says calendar loading and it won't load anyone's. Please help me I need to have access and my coworkers need access to mine also. Help

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Wish I or AOL had an answer for you!  Looks like I lost most of my computer entries.   WHY??


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Wish I or AOL had an answer for you! Looks like I lost most of my computer entries. WHY??

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I don't neede help with the calendar. It's just the worst sincde 5.0. It's not user friendly. The boxes are small and apparently I'm not the only one. I've taken 2 surveys regarding the calendar and haven't heard a word! AOL user friendly? No way, Jose!

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