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How to calculate inpatient census?

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The daily inpatient census is the number of inpatients present at the official census-taking time designated for each day, usually at midnight.  It also includes daily inpatient census for any patients admitted and discharged the same day (after the previous census was taken).   The daily inpatient census reflects total number of patients treated within a 24-hour period.  For example:

Number of patients in the facility at midnight on 1 June:                     200

add (+) Number of patients admitted on June 2:                                +40

subtract(-) Number of patients discharged (including deaths) June 2:   - 30 

Number of patients in the facility at midnight on 2 June:                     210

200 would be the daily inpatient census for June 1; and 210 would be the daily inpatient census for June 2.

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