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How can you get cactus spines out that are broken off in your skin.

how can you get cactus spines out that are broken off in your skin.

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If you can feel the end sticking out, take a pair of tweezers and grasp the end of the spine and pull gently; just as you would remove a splinter.

If you can see the spine but not feel any of it and the entire piece seems to be just under the skin, you will have to dig a little deeper (literally).

Sterilize a sewing needle and use the sharp end of the needle to probe gently into your skin. The top skin layer is already dead, so if you proceed slowly and don't dig too deep you should not have any pain or bleeding. (If you've ever used a needle to dig out a splinter, it's the same process.)

What you are endeavoring to do is to catch hold of the end of the piece of spine with the tip of the needle; once you've broken the skin enough to do that, you should be able to work the rest of the spine out enough to grasp it with the tweezers and remove it completely.

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Thank you,  I will try it.

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